We Create Connected Brands

Established in 2018, VMLY&R is a global brand experience agency that thrives on creating work that brings people together. We believe everything in the universe is fundamentally connected, and we are relentless in our pursuit of uncovering and creating the inspiring connections that draw us all closer together.

So we resist the usual ways of seeing, thinking and doing. We question everything, using data and insights to reimagine the entire connected consumer experience. From this, we create work that brings brands closer to customers, customers closer to communities, and communities closer to the wider world.

Discover BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV®)

BrandAsset® Valuator is the largest brand database in the world. On a yearly basis the database is enriched with new consumer data, in more than 50 countries worldwide. BAV® gives a unique insight in the positioning of your brand. In Belgium and the Netherlands, we have been using BAV® to help brands grow since the early ’90.

VMLY&R is a marketing and communications company specializing in advertising, digital and social media, sales promotion, direct marketing and brand identityconsulting. VMLY&R creates living brands that are present and participatory. Interesting and interested. Engaged and responsive. Defining culture that drives capital for our clients.

VMLY&R's BAV® Group is a global strategic consultancy with expertise in customer insights as well as corporate, brand and marketing strategies. Using BrandAsset®® Valuator, a proprietary brand management tool and global database of consumer perceptions of brands, BAV®® informs strategic and creative development for clients that drive brand consideration, usage, sales and ultimately, shareholder value.


  • Since 1996
  • 900 brands
  • 3.000 consumers


  • Since 1993
  • 1.000 brands
  • 3.000 consumers

Getting to know your brand

How strong is your brand and what's your brands position compared to other brands? BAV® not only gives a unique insight in your brand strenght, but also in the strength of your main competitors. Measuring brands since 1993, BAV® has captured data and insights from more than 1.5 million consumers across 56,000 brands in 52 countries around the world, evaluating 72 brand image and equity dimensions that matter.

Brand power

The power of your brand, mapped in a competitive field against over 900 brands.

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Brand image

Your brand is rated on 48 image attributes . From ‘reliable’ to ‘innovative’. From ‘fun’ to ‘prestigious’.

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Brand comparison

We compare your brand to its main competitors, but also to any other brand in the study. A good way to truly benchmark your image scores or to find an ideal partner to team up with.

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Brand personality

12 archetypes are used to define your brand’s perceived personality and tone-of-voice.

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Brand preference & usage

We create your brand funnel, from aided awareness to regular usage, allowing you to know where the issues and opportunities lay.

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